Australia's Ten Deadliest Animals [Infographic]

Despite the complete absence of lions, tigers or bears, Australia has a fearsome reputation for deadly animals. This is mainly due to venomous creepy crawlies and a menagerie of man eaters lurking off our coast. This infographic lists the 10 most dangerous creatures Down Under, based on the threat they pose and the likelihood of an attack during accidental encounters. (To put things into perspective, the redback — AKA one of the world's most poisonous spiders — didn't even make the cut.)

Snake image from Shutterstock

The infographic below is based on research from the Australian Museum in Sydney. Thankfully, the availability of antivenoms and quicker transport to hospitals means fatalities are much rarer.

Sadly, there's no shot or antidote that can cure the symptoms of a shark attack. There are, however, a bunch of shark repellents on the market for ultra-paranoid swimmers. We test a few here.

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    I realise this is set out by the amount of victims, but I think it remiss to not tell people that the most deadly snake in he world is the Australian Inland Taipan, which is not on the list.

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      came here to say the same thing.

    Girt by sea ... More like girt by terrifying death! Amiright??

    Kangaroos can be pretty deadly when you're driving at night!

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