Baby Animal Facts That Will Absolutely Make Your Day [Infographic]

Baby Animal Facts That Will Absolutely Make Your Day [Infographic]
Image: Getty

Baby animals are the best kind of animals. They’re more sleepy, more needy and infinitely more adorable than their adult counterparts. They make you happy. This impressively designed infographic is cute and informative, and it is absolutely necessary today.

There are all sorts of incredible tales from the animal kingdom in this infographic from Alan’s Factory Outlet – from the fact that a Harp Seal mother makes a little cave in the snow for her pup and feeds it for 12 days straight without eating to the African Elephant’s gestation period just shy of two years. How about The Giant Pacific Octopus? It basically starves itself to death to guard its eggs for six months. Unbelievable.

The illustrations alone drew me in, but the love between animal parent and animal baby kept me smiling all day.

And a clownfish baby is called a ‘fry’. That’s just great.

Image: Alan's Factory Outlet.

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