The Glacier Point Desktop

The Glacier Point Desktop

Stranha didn’t leave a lot of information about how he made this beautiful desktop, featuring Glacier Point in the center, but we can figure it out. Here’s what you’ll need if you want to make your Mac look and feel like this.

There’s some solid customisation happening here, but by and large it’s only a few things. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • The wallpaper was included in OS X “El Capitan” Beta 6, so you may have it on your computer already. If not, or if you’re running Windows or Linux, grab it here
  • Übersicht, an OS X customisation suite we love, with widgets (battery display, clock, and weather widgets)
  • cDock, a utility that gives you complete customisation control over your Dock, for the dock spacers and transparency tweaks
  • The Minimalist White Icon pack to customise the taskbar icons

Not a ton happening here, but what is happening is nice, and placed well so you can feel free to get some work done and only see the widgets when you need them — and the icons and dock are set to work with stranha, instead of making him work for them. If you like the finished product, or have questions about how it was done, hit the Flickr link below.

The not so stock El Captain homescreen [Flickr]