• The Antarctic Landscape Desktop

    The Antarctic Landscape Desktop

    Reader Saifali has submitted desktops in the past to our Desktop Showcase, but this one’s a fresh look, and we like it. If you dig it too — or just the Antarctic landscape in it — here’s how you can bring the same look to your computer.

  • The Highway At Night Desktop

    The Highway At Night Desktop

    Reader Sebastian submitted this beautiful desktop to our Desktop Showcase, and the combination of the wallpaper and a few tasteful skins is a solid, sharp look. Here’s how he set it all up.

  • Most Popular Featured Desktops Of 2016

    Most Popular Featured Desktops Of 2016

    Every week, we feature customised desktops submitted by readers that show off beautiful wallpapers, great customisation, and UI tweaks. Sometimes they’re fun, sometimes they’re functional, and sometimes they’re both, but 2016 was a great year for them. Here’s a look at your favourites.