PSA: The Best Dick Smith Deals Wont Be Appearing Until Thursday

PSA: The Best Dick Smith Deals Wont Be Appearing Until Thursday

Yesterday morning, Dick Smith kicked off its closing down sale as it prepares to permanently shut down all stores in New Zealand and Australia over the next eight weeks. To many, the deals weren’t quite up to the “fire sale” moniker they had been labeled under, with most items slashed by just 20 per cent. However, we have it on good authority that the discounts will receive a big increase this Thursday. Here’s what you need to know.

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A Dick Smith manager known to Lifehacker Australia contacted us with exclusive details about the sale. As we had previously predicted, things are going to get progressively cheaper as the sale runs its course. Here’s what our insider had to say:

“I’ve been told that each Thursday, prices will continue to drop incrementally. This will continue over the space of eight weeks (max). Most stores are expected to be closed (i.e. — run out of stock) in 4-5 weeks, with the remaining scraps shifted to large format stores for the final.”

So there you have it. If you’re unimpressed with the sale this weekend, it could be worth heading back for a second squiz first thing Thursday morning. Or possibly even the Thursday after that.

The reason for this piecemeal approach is pretty obvious when you think about it: with outstanding wages and other debts to pay, the company is keen to make as much revenue from the sale as possible.

As consumers, it’s our job to hold off until the deals actually become worthwhile (sorry Dick Smith employees.) Hopefully, there will still be some decent stock left by the time things get properly fire-sale crazy.

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  • I dropped by my local DS store this morning to check out the sale. I wasn’t impressed as there’s definitely been some ‘creative’ re-pricing going on over night.

    Yesterday afternoon the DS website was advertising a 27″ Samsung monitor (LS27E390) at $399. That was the normal price, as the website hadn’t been updated yet for the sale. In store this morning the same model was ticketed at $449 with 20% off, bringing it down to $359. Currently the website is listing this monitor at $399, with that being the 20% off price. I confirmed the model number too, so as to ensure there wasn’t a mix up with the other 27″ model they advertise. A very dodgey attempt to capitalise on the fire sale hype.

    • Helps that they’re bankrupt and the ACCC isn’t going to bother going after them – basically a free for all now!

  • Yeah, some laptops had gone up in price overnight. When I asked whether some of the newly ticketed items were sale prices or the discounts were applied to them, the guy grunted “I don’t know”. When I asked the price of an Acer laptop labelled with a differently speced ASUS’s price, he was equally unhelpful. “It’s probably wrong” and wandered off.

    • I’m guessing very few of them give two shits about customer service at this point. I reckon if you slipped them five hindred under the table, they’d let you have your pick of whatever high priced item you wanted.

  • How about showing some respect. These are people that are about to lose their jobs and don’t much care for you haggling them for a bargain. Don’t get all salty about someone being unhelpful because truth is you’re not helping them either!

  • its quite obvious most the DS staff will not be helpfull or even rude …. they all have been told they lost their jobs …. I would also be quite grumpy if I was a DS employee and got told DS is going into liquidation ( i know of one store that all their staff only got told on thursday morning, 2 hours later it was released to the media )….. and that your job is no longer going to be there…. if you also think that you will get some ” great deals ” first week of liquidation …. common sense needs to be applied … wait another week / 2 weeks … prices will go down to the point of wholesale price or cheaper … it would make sense…. be a bit more sympathetic to the committed DS staff still in the stores …..

  • As people have commented, we should be fair to the employees. I left a similar retail job very recently, in the last few weeks I lost my passion. I still did my job properly, but I cared a lot less about the future of the business and didn’t enjoy it anymore. I feel so bad for those guys, not only do they not have a job but the store they work for has no future. It doesn’t matter if they don’t make sales growth, if they don’t tidy, or if they don’t help the customers. Everything is going in the same downhill direction anyway, and they’re probably spending their coffee breaks scrolling through SEEK.

  • The laptops prices all went up, and they weren’t even labelled so who knows what the specs were, same for the TVs. The biggest discount was the people just walking out with stuff because no one cared or stopped them.

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