Dick Smith Fire Sale: 100 Deals Listed [Updated]

Dick Smith Fire Sale: 100 Deals Listed [Updated]

Dick Smith is officially closing the doors on all stores across Australia and New Zealand. The electronics chain needs to get rid of all its existing stock and is hosting a fire sale today. Here are the discounts you can expect to find for HD TVs, smartphones, drones, laptops, DSLR cameras, games consoles, headphones and Apple products.

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We’ve already put together a guide on the ins-and-outs of how the Dick Smith sale is going to work. An inside source has provided Lifehacker Australia with a full list of products and how much they will be discounted for at the initial phases of the sale.

Here’s the list:

  • AC and DC power adaptors 30%
  • Action camera accessories 30%
  • Action cameras 20%
  • Android tablets 20%
  • Apple products, including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch 5%
  • Audio and video tapes 20%
  • Baby monitors and accessories 30%
  • Bags 30%
  • Battery (alkaline and lithium) 20%
  • Battery chargers 30%
  • Bench blenders 20%
  • Bluetooth car kit, headset and speakers 30%
  • Blu-ray discs 20%
  • Boost mobile phones 20%
  • Business software 20%
  • Cables (3.5mm, HDMI, USBs, etc.) 30%
  • Cable TV and antennas 40%
  • Calculators 20%
  • Camcorder accessories 30%
  • Camcorders 20%
  • Chromebooks 20%
  • Clock radios 20%
  • Clocks/watches/timeres 20%
  • Coffee machines, consumables and accessories 20%
  • Computer games, gaming peripherals 20%
  • Connected audio 20%
  • Cooking 20%
  • Cooling 20%
  • Cover and cases for Apple, Samsung, cameras, tablets, eBook readers, etc. 30%
  • Dental care 20%
  • Desktop computers 20%
  • Digital cameras 20%
  • Digital photo frames 20%
  • Digital radios 20%
  • Digital SLRs 20%
  • Digital still cameras 20%
  • Drones and accessories 20%
  • DVDs 20%
  • eBook readers 20%
  • Educational software 20%
  • Filters and surge protectors 30%
  • Fitness accessories 20%
  • GPS navigation units and accessories 20%
  • Hair dryers 20%
  • Hard drives and cases 20%
  • Headphone radios 20%
  • Headphones and earphones 30%
  • Health and wellbeing accessories 20%
  • Heating 20%
  • Home appliances 20%
  • Home automation 20%
  • Home theatre 20%
  • HTC products 20%
  • In car phone, notebook and tablet chargers 30%
  • Inkjet printers and cartridges 20%
  • Juicers 20%
  • Kettles 20%
  • Keyboards 20%
  • Laser printers 20%
  • LCD projectors and screens 20%
  • TVs 20%
  • LG products 20%
  • Memory cards 20%
  • Mice 20%
  • Microsoft Surface 20%
  • Microwaves 20%
  • Monitors 20%
  • Motorola products 20%
  • MP3 players 20%
  • Netbooks 20%
  • Networking and hardware 20%
  • Nintendo DS hardware, accessories and games 20%
  • Notetakers 20%
  • Office equipment 20%
  • Oppo phones 20%
  • Optus mobile phones 20%
  • Portable DVD players 20%
  • Portable speakers 20%
  • Projectors 20%
  • Sony PlayStation hardware, accessories and games 20%
  • RAM 20%
  • Samsung tablets 30%
  • Speakers 20%
  • Microsoft Surface accessories 20%
  • Microsoft Surface Pro accessories 30%
  • Telstra Mobiles 20%
  • Toasters 20%
  • Toners 20%
  • Torches 30%
  • Touch-enabled notebooks 20%
  • Travel adaptors and accessories 30%
  • Turntables 20%
  • Ultrabook/premium laptops 20%
  • USB flash drives 20%
  • Vodafone mobile devices 20%
  • Webcams and headsets 20%
  • Nintendo Wii hardware, accessories and games 20%
  • Windows tablets 20%
  • Wireless audio, including headphones 20%
  • Microsoft Xbox hardware, accessories and games 20%

If these discounts seem pretty lacklustre right now, you might want to hold off until the weekend or next week: we’ve received confirmation that prices will continue to drop incrementally over the next eight weeks. (We’ll have more detailed information on this soon.)

Bear in mind that Dick Smith employees won’t be able to hold items for you even if you ask them to over the phone. You might want to pop by one of its local stores to check out the deals yourself and see if there’s anything on sale that tickles your fancy.

We’ll be updating the list periodically as more discounts become available and prices continue to drop in the days ahead!

Dick Smith went into voluntary administration in January and failed to find a suitable buyer for the whole business. It’s a sad way to go for one of Australia’s most iconic businesses. The only upside is consumers will get some good discounts out of this.

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    • Agreed, it’s more of a “thermostat left slightly too high” sale. 20% off isn’t really worth spending the time to check out.

      • 20% off is NOT a fire sale. The shopping malls are all offering 50% off plus sales at the moment. No wonder Dick Smith is closing down!!!

  • I went to a store this morning and there was nothing going on. The staff were lost and didn’t know what was going on. But 20%… Really? We can only hope that discounts will increase over the next few days. That is if stock lasts.

    • Oh, so that’s what my work is doing to help save $$ with the recent losses of Masters etc..

  • 5% off Apple products? the joke is on the consumers if they fall for that. In fact I think Myer has 10% off Apple products this weekend.

  • That’s not a fire sale.

    After 3-4 years of no Boxing Day sales, and the closure of WOW Sight & Sound (and now DSE) and zero sales there …. it’s confirmed – Australia now has no sales, ever.

    • A lot of stores seemed to smash out a heap of aged stock last year resulting in way less aged inventory. Result? Boxing day sales and clearance sales this year sucked. The bargains were never the current models.

    • Their Boxing Day sales in 2013 were decent. I scored a 40″ Sony Bravia for 50% off.

  • 20% off gaming stuff means that their prices are now inline with what JB & EB sell their games for.

    Would’ve at least thought they’d be trying to flog things through their online services a lot cheaper to clear out the warehouse.

    Such a low sale speaks of someone already wanting to buy DS & rebrand it with current stock.

  • Worth noting to all the armchair retail experts here that the reason the discounts are starting out at 20% is because the company needs to recoup as much money as it can to pay employee entitlements and repay all the debts (to banks, suppliers, etc.).

    The receivers have a duty to creditors (and remember, to the employees who have just been made redundant – the former David Jones employees have been twice in as many months) to recoup as much of that money as possible.

    • No kidding. And has been pointed out many times, making your prices the same as everyone else’s (via the guise of a sale) is NOT a sale, and therefore is not doing all it can to sell its stock.

      • So… don’t buy from Dick Smith? Stock that isn’t a good deal will either be bought by people who want the item now or don’t bother checking competitors’ prices, or it won’t be bought now and will get discounted further later on.

        I mean, if you are legitimately concerned that it’s misleading and false advertising, and you have examples and proof, the ACCC is around.

        AFAIK Ferrier Hodgson isn’t duty-bound to sell everything as soon as possible. It has to balance ongoing operation costs against getting as much as it can out of the business. Given the modelling and calculations they were doing in regards to selling it, I expect they’ll have done some modelling and calculations to work out a discounting structure over the next two months.

        • “So… don’t buy from Dick Smith” well isn’t that a big part of the reason their going out of business, overpriced and under discounted?

          • …isn’t that a big part of the reason their going out of business, overpriced and under discounted to add to that…

            Ages ago you could get electronic components at my local dick smiths, like resistors, capacitors and so on. One day I walked it it was all gone (the components and related parts) and a employee said what a relief it was not to have to stock those little parts anymore. Well Jaycar is doing well stocking all the stuff dick smiths used to have. So I have to agree with the_darknight on the ‘reason for going out of business’.

          • Yeah, the components stuff was phased out by Woolworths during the late 2000s. They tried throwing a whole bunch of things at Dick Smith – even exercise bikes at one point – but not much stuck.

            Jaycar’s also been really smart because they do ‘destination’ (standalone) stores, not stores in shopping centres where rent is higher and you get more tyre kickers and more thieves. They have a smaller store network as well, whereas Dick Smith’s been increasingly overstretched over the past five years or so.

            Having fewer stores probably means it’s easier for Jaycar to attract people who know what they’re talking about, too. That was always an issue at Dick Smith: having staff who know as much about the components as the customers.

    • And then you need to balance 2 months of rent and staff wages, versus the loss of income from selling an item for more discount.

      And as said above, prices are normal RRP.

      • Some of those prices probably are, sure. Prior the receivership, prices got inflated and the buying group failed to adjust them down in accordance with the market. That’s a big reason behind the inventory issues that resulted in the clearance last year.

        But, as I’ve commented above, the companies involved in shutting down DS have form in doing this. Most likely they’d have done modelling to work out a discounting structure to balance operational costs against maximising whatever return they can get.

        • The complaint is that calling it a ‘fire’ sale is hyping up some pretty poor discounting. A ‘closing down’, ‘receivership’ sale is where these things should start.

          The fire sale happens right at the end, when it’s the final attempt to recoup money.

          It’s semantics, but that’s what people are laughing at.

          • As far as I’m aware, it’s only being called a fire sale by media outlets. All the in-store promotional material I’ve seen so far has just been ‘closing down sale’ or ‘receiver’s sale’.

      • Another part of it is probably also giving staff members adequate time to find other jobs and giving them the opportunity to keep working for a little longer. Might not be, but that’s an optimistic view.

        A more cynical view would be that FH wants to stretch this out a little longer so they get more fees.

        Realistically, though, it’s probably a mix of all that.

  • Just went to Macquarie Centre in Sydney.
    20-40% off everything. Slightly annoying that not everything is labelled as to what the discount is.
    But I got a bluetooth earpiece thing for 40% off! SCORE!

    • Yeah, I got a basic soundbar for $78, which will do a job somewhere. Short term covering the blown speaker I need to replace on my main amp, long term in the bedroom either on the TV there, or PC.

  • also remember that your refund / return / warranty options will be limited / complicated if the company you purchased from no longer exists.

  • Aren’t those signs in the header image blatantly illegal advertising?

    I mean I guess what are they going to do to them at this point…

  • Just ask an employee “Is that the best price you can give me?”. It’s not that hard….besides who’s to say one just goes “F’ck it, like I’m not getting fired anyway” and gives you a real discount worth talking about.

    • Well I tried that at the local (Bendigo) Dick Smith and they wouldn’t take anything extra off the price tag, in fact they seemed better at taking a reasonable bit off the price before this ‘Fire sale’

      • Lol. I was in the Bendigo one too today. Was interesting to see quite a bit already going out the door. But might wait a bit before getting anything yet.

  • And if the thing you’ve bought breaks, you’re fucked. Never buy anything from a company that’s about to close unless you don’t want your warranty.

  • There were a couple items that were the same price as JB hifi after the discounts were applied. Ludicrous. Saw a customer offer to buy a display unit that was dirty, and the staff member just smiled and said “we can reset this unit for you, but it’ll take 2 hours and there are no discounts on the display units”. Customer just said “this is why you’re closing down”, and walked off.

  • “Microsoft Surface Pro accessories 30%” Does Dick Smith even sell Microsoft Surface???? I certainly cant find any Surface or accessories on their website. Looks like baiting to me.

  • My local store had what was clearly ex-floor stock printers in the sale, still only 20% off. Given it was missing a cartridge, that’s actually cost-neutral, assuming it’d not been damaged when it was on display etc…
    Caveat emptor.

  • I was gonna buy some stuff there last week, but since they merged my local one with another one and condensed what they actually had, it’s not worth it. They just don’t have anything I find worthwhile anymore. It’s like they wanted to compete with JB & EB Games, but just failed..

  • My Gut told me it isn’t a fire sale Dick Smith is having this morning, because the smoke alarm i bought a Dick Smith last year didn’t go off to wake me up to get me out of bed.. Hang on! Perhaps that why it doesn’t work.

    No smoke Folks. Go back to sleep

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