Closing Dick Smith Stores Not Selling Catalogue Specials

Dick Smith is closing up to 100 stores around the country, which means you can find some interesting one-off bargains if your local outlet is shutting down. But don't head there trying to get catalogue bargains.

Dick Smith's own site makes it clear that closing-down stores won't include items that are on sale at its regular branches:

Some of our stores are in the process of closing. These stores will not be participating in our regular catalogue promotions. The closing stores will be running fantastic closing down discounts across the entire store until all stock is cleared.

If your local store is shutting but you're after a current catalogue special, hitting the web site would seem to be your best bet.

Dick Smith


    is there a list of said closing stores anywhre?

      might be worth checking the website...

        ye thanks, i did, didnt see the list of closing stores page though, if its there please prove me wrong

          Follow the link in the article. Then search for stores by postcode. The stores closing down have a note after the location.
          I think they could have made it a bit more obvious.

            I did that and my closest store didn't even come up! Must have closed already.

    If you use the link above and type your postcode into Store Locator the subsequent list of nearby stores will include some with (Closing Down Sale) under them.

    oops, should've refreshed the page before typing.

    not to sound like a complete dick (on the internet no way) but i know you can individually search postcodes to find them i was after a compiled list for easier finding

    Should the ACCC look into this? I don't give a shit if your store is shutting down or starting up. But if you advertise goods at a price, it better be as advertised when I go to buy it.

    Or maybe report them to your local state consumer affairs.

    We have rights.

      It's probably noted in the fine print that the sale is at participating stores only.

    I got 6 Wii Games for $20 at the Geelong store I'm a happy camper

    I 2 in Victoria being Epping Plaza store and Westfield Plenty Valley are both closing, was told Greensborough and Northland stores will remain open.

    good about time let the ones in wa close all get new people to worke in them

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