Most Popular Ask Lifehacker Posts Of 2015

Most Popular Ask Lifehacker Posts Of 2015

Ask Lifehacker is a daily feature where we attempt to answer reader questions covering every topic imaginable. This year harvested a varied crop, ranging from the legalities of flying drones over neighbour’s property to whether you need to poop every day to stay healthy. Without further ado, here are the ten biggest Ask LH posts from 2015.

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Ask LH: What Podcasts Should I Be Listening To?

Ask LH: What’s The Best DVD Player Software For Windows 10?

Ask LH: How Far Above And Below My Land Is Legally Mine?

Ask LH: Do I Need To Poop Every Day?

Ask LH: Should I Buy An iPhone 4S In 2015?

Ask LH: Can I Bill My ISP For A Broken Internet Connection?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m currently having internet problems with Optus and the technician is only able to come later next week. As such, I’ll be out of service for around nine days, if not more. (Yeah, yeah: first world problems.) So my question is: am I entitled to get some kind of credit for the time I have “lost” on my contract? Also, if I’m on Optus for my mobile and use it for tethering, should I be able to credit the data usage over this time? David in Bondi

Ask LH: Are Diet Microwave Dinners Actually Healthy?

Ask LH: Can I Stop My Neighbour From Flying His Drone Over My House?

Ask LH: How Can I Protect My PC From Ransomware?

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Ask LH: Why Won’t My Smart TV Connect Wirelessly?

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