Ask LH: Which Android Music Player Will Keep Track Of When My Podcast Stopped?

Ask LH: Which Android Music Player Will Keep Track Of When My Podcast Stopped?

Dear Lifehacker, I am an iPod user from way back, and have just recently purchased an Android phone. I still manage all my music and podcast downloads through iTunes as I still have an iPod. Anyone who uses iPods or iPhones will know that they have a nifty ability to remember the exact position in a podcast, even if you begin to play something else. To date, I have been unable to reproduce this effect on an Android device without having to use a completely different piece of software to manage and download my podcasts. Is there an app that can achieve this? Thanks, Restarted

Dear Restarted,

I don’t regularly listen to media on an Android device, so I’ll confess an answer didn’t immediately come to mind. However, the exact same question recently popped up in our post on the best music player for Android, and reader IJustKnowStuff recommended using MortPlayer Audio Books to solve that problem:

I use the MortPlayer Music app, which is virtually the same as the Audio Book one except the Audio Book one saves what position you are in the track and lets you set up bookmarks. Plus it’s free! (I donated though cause I love it so much!)

So that seems like a good place to start. You’ll still need to copy any podcasts onto your device, but once they’re on there, keeping track should be easy. If other readers have additional suggestions, we’d love to hear them in the comments.

Cheers Lifehacker


  • i’m using google listen on my android. i love this because once you’ve setup your subscriptions, you can set them to auto check and download when there’s a new epi of the podcast. it remembers where you last left off in the podcast, even after playing another like you mentioned.

    the only problem here is that it does only audio podcasts, you didn’t mention if you were doing video or audio.


  • I am doing audio. The issue I had was that I still use iTunes to manage my podcasts, so I didn’t want to use a different program to do that, I just wanted to sync to it and play them. Does google listen keep the place in the podcast if you start listening to a different one?

  • @pyta yes it does, give it a shot to see if that’s what you’re after. if you’re using google reader from the browser, you can easily add and manage your podcasts from there too and it syncs to Listen as long as you’re using the same google account. IMO much better than the behemoth that is itunes these days

  • +1 for google listen..

    Easily to manage podcast app.. and you can also manage your subscriptions on your desktop through google reader… love it.

  • I have used google listen in the past (galaxy s) and found it crashed a bit.

    I am now using the free version of BeyondPod. The free version kicks in after a trial period with the full.

    It will do everything you are after as well as sync with your google reader account.

    The only difference I have found between paid and free is that you can only download one feed at a time, rather than all of them at once. This doesn’t bother me much as I generally listen to only one or two podcasts.

    Hope this helps.

  • Another +1 for Google Listen.

    Recently looked at Miro just for music but it also has podcast manager, iTunes integration and Android syncing. Didn’t look at it too much cause I’m happy with Listen, but there might be something in there that works.

  • I do like Google Listen, but I’ve had a few issues recently.

    1. Occasionally it stops downloading the podcast half way through (perhaps the WiFi got interrupted) and I can only listen to what has downloaded

    2. When listening to a podcast in Listen, and someone calls you, if you answer the phone, the podcast doesn’t stop playing. Horribly annoying.

  • I’ll give a thumbs up to beyondpod. I’m using the paid version, and it’s been fantastic so far. I recenty bought the plugin which lets you do variable playback speed with adjustment, so i can listen to a bunch of pdcasts at 125% speed playback with no noticable pitch change (music intedludes and such sound a bit odd). For voice only podcasts, it’s fantastic.

    I can’t talk about integration with iTunes though, because I’ve never done it.

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