Make Strawberry Lemonade Pie In The Freezer Overnight

Make Strawberry Lemonade Pie In The Freezer Overnight

No-bake recipes are perfect for when the weather heats up and you don’t want to turn on the oven. This strawberry lemonade pie takes just 10 minutes of prep time and is a cool, refreshing treat.

The Cookie Rookie shows us how simple this is to make. You’ll need a food processor and an electric mixer to create the lemonade and strawberry mixtures. You may also have to visit a US specialty store to pick up some Cool Whip (although substitutes are readily available from most supermarkets.) The next step is to swirl everything into the pie crust and freeze for eight hours or overnight. Finally, dig in and enjoy!

Strawberry Lemonade Freezer Pie [The Cookie Rookie]


  • It’s a great recipe, but given that most of the ingredients aren’t readily available in Australia, its inclusion on seems a bit pointless

    • it seems to be the standard of their reporting these days. even though we complain about these inclusions, its like they purposely want to piss us off and have us stop coming here all together.

  • Almost none of the ingredients are available in Australia, and anyway, it sounds completely disgusting.
    A tub of cool-whip? Eek!

    • I agree. Apart from the basics like fruit and sugar. Run into this problem often when trying US recipes.

  • The only ingredients you may have trouble finding in Australia are cool whip and maybe lemonade concentrate. There are plenty of similar products on the shelves that will get the same job done.

      • “There are plenty of similar products on the shelves that will get the same job done.”

        The main ingredients also include strawberries and the pie crust.

        • assuming you want cheesecake consistency, soaked and blended cashews could be used for the filling (note you need a good quality blender to do this), they hold a stiffness very well when frozen, with a dash of lemon juice and sugar for the lemonade concentrate substitute, they would be the first things I would try. (note this may contain traces of nuts)
          Another thing would be to experiment with some gelatin and whipping cream and/or cream cheese (note this may contain dairy products). Again lemon juice and sugar could be used to approximate lemonade.
          You could actually try using actual lemonade but there are no real substitutable wet ingredients in the recipe which aren’t ‘thickened’ so somehow you would need to thicken the mixture back up again.
          I don’t know if this is a bad thing that we don’t have these ingredients, they both sound like incredibly over processed items to the point of providing no nutritional value.

  • Yes, as lovely as that looks the cool whip ruins it for us Aussies. The closest thing to a substitute for that I have heard is stabilised whipped cream which you can make with whipping cream and gelatin, apparently. (There are recipes to be found if you google.) I’m not sure it would come out the same, though. I think the texture is different.

  • CoolWhip ingredients include Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, a transfat implicated in heart disease and diabetes, and High Fructose Corn Syrup, likewise linked to heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

    Google can probably find you recipes for a similar cheesecake type frozen dessert made with real dairy products.

  • Cool Whip Alternative – Whip some whipping cream / a little sugar and vanilla essence together
    Lemonade Concentrate – Sodastream has a lemonade concentrate
    Pie Crust – plenty of recipes for making pie crust

    • Sodastream concentrates all seem to contain artificial sweeteners, which I find just leaves a disgusting aftertaste.

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