LinkedIn’s Launches New Mobile App That’s Actually Good

LinkedIn’s Launches New Mobile App That’s Actually Good

LinkedIn has become a staple networking tool for professionals around the world, but the website and mobile app were terrible. LinkedIn recognised this and moved to overhaul its website’s messaging service earlier this year and has now released a completely new version of its mobile app with a swathe of welcome changes.

LinkedIn has built the app from scratch, simplifying some of the features from its previous iteration, to reduce the clutter. The app has been streamlined into five core areas — Your Feed, Me, My Network, Messaging and Search:

  • Your Feed (Home)
    The content that appears on your feed will be determined by what’s most relevant to your industry, function, skill and things you have indicated that you’re interested in.
  • Me
    All the details concerning your profile is in this section. According to LinkedIn:

    It also offers the most intuitive way of updating your profile that we have ever had, so you can easily spruce up your professional profile to keep things fresh.

  • My Network
    You can see what’s going on in your professional network so you can keep track of your connections and what they’re doing. Here’s the best thing about this feature:

    By syncing your calendar it will also help you get smart for your next meeting. You’ll be prompted to look at the profile of the person you are meeting with that day with details on what shared connections or shared interests you have. This way you can avoid the small talk and have a meaningful conversation.

  • Messaging
    This feature is now three times faster compared to the previous app.

You can get the new LinkedIn app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

[Via LinkedIn Blog]


        • There were changes about a month ago which involved a new messaging system, but this week they released an entirely new UI for the web. Even Jeff Weiner’s been talking about the new release this week.
          The play store seems to indicate it was only changed on 2-Dec

  • I’m surprised Job search has taken a big back seat in the new version. That said, it really sucked on iPad, with the iPhone version being a better build, and the iPhone also having a dedicated app for job hunters.

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