How To Decorate Baked Goods Like A Boss With Buttercream

Christmas is a time when there is always an abundance of cakes and cookies at every party. If you're one of those people who are planning to get your baking mitts on, here are a few simple techniques to decorate your baked goods using buttercream to make them look like they were created by professionals.

Over at Kitchen Conundrums, Thomas Joseph goes through several simple ways to create buttercream decorations that will make your baked goods look oh-so sophisticated. You'll need a few tools like a piping bag and piping nozzles but the techniques he shows off are quite easy to follow.

Gordon does end up decorating a cupcake in the demonstration video but the buttercream art can be applied to cakes, cookies, and other delicious baked goods.

You can watch the video for more details on how to wield buttercream like a pro.

[Via Kitchen Conundrums]


    Butter Cream = hardened icing > Fondant

    Cool video, got me excited for butter icing (if not already).
    His name is Thomas Joseph, btw.

      Hi there!

      Thanks for that! All fixed now :)

      Have fun icing stuff this Christmas! :D


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