Here’s Every Original Show And Movie Made By Netflix [Infographic]

Here’s Every Original Show And Movie Made By Netflix [Infographic]

Netflix is a great place to catch up on old TV shows and movies — but it also produces an impressive amount of original content. You’ve doubtlessly heard about big hitters like House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black, but there are plenty of less-known titles worthy of consideration. This infographic lists collects them all for your reference, with titles handily divided into relevant genres.

The infographic below includes every show, documentary and movie that has been created specifically for Netflix. If you are running the Australian version of Netflix (as opposed to using VPN shenanigans), a handful of these titles aren’t available. Thankfully though, the majority can be enjoyed using a local account. So pick a genre and get stuck in!

Every Original Show From Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, In Three Graphics


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