How To Eliminate ‘Um’ From Your Speech Forever [Infographic]

How To Eliminate ‘Um’ From Your Speech Forever [Infographic]

Even if you’re confident about what you are saying, filler words like “Um” can creep in and make you sound unsure. A bunch of them in a row make you sound like a slack-jawed cretin. If you want to get a handle on them, this quick reference chart has a ton of handy tips.

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This graphic, from the London Speaker Bureau, has a wealth of tips on how to avoid “Um” and other filler words. There are the obvious things like slowing down, but you can also do more proactive things like preparing your thoughts into organised chunks, or even keeping your hands out of your pockets.

Here’s How You Can Stop Saying ‘Um’ Forever [Make Use Of]


  • Never mind “um”.
    We need an infographic to tell people how to stop saying “like”, like, every other, like, word.

  • Our project assistant takes all incoming phone calls.
    Between umm and like I don’t even know how she gets a sentence out.

  • I got into the habit of using different fillers instead of ‘um’. Like saying ‘good question’ instead. Its a little longer for starters, giving that tiny amount more to collect thoughts and respond.

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