Avoid Slimy Okra By Boiling Before You Chop

Avoid Slimy Okra by Boiling Before You Chop

I enjoy a side of fried okra as much as the next Mississippian but, thanks to a delightful substance called "mucilage," prepping the pod can be slimy work. The solution is simple: cook the pods a bit before you chop them.

Photo by Shankar S.

The slippery substance is released when your knife severs the cellular walls of the plant, but heat increases the viscosity of the liquid, rendering it a little more manageable and much less gross. (This is why it's used as thickening agent in dishes like gumbo). By boiling the okra a few minutes before making any cuts, the slime factor is cut way down. You can then chop the pods and cook them however you wish. I recommend frying them. (Like really, why would you do anything else?)

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