Dealhacker: Get A 500GB PlayStation 4 From Dick Smith For $387

If you've been holding off on that console upgrade, Dick Smith has a deal that might finally get you over the line — the 500GB Sony PS4 is currently selling for just under $390: that's a cool 30% off. Better yet, the price includes shipping. Hurrah!

To get the deal, head to Dick Smith's eBay store and use the discount code "CDICKSMITH30" during checkout. This will bring the price down to $377.30. Once the $9.95 shipping is factored in, you're still looking at a very respectable $387.35.

The deal includes the standard 500GB console and a controller: there are no bundled games, sadly. Nevertheless, this is one of the best PS4 deals we've seen in a long while. For peace of mind, the deal also includes a standard 12-month manufacturer's warranty.

If you're tempted, we advise getting in quick as stock is sure to be limited — when we last checked, 163 units had already been sold. Go! Go! Go!

[Via Kotaku]


    Interesting to have an image of an Xbox One on a story about PS4 that doesn't even mention Xbox One! :-)

      This was a CMS selection snafu - image has been fixed.

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