Turn A Wine Cork Into A Wrap-Around Earbud Holder

Turn A Wine Cork Into A Wrap-Around Earbud Holder
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Some earbuds come with cases that can help prevent tangles, but many don’t. If yours didn’t (or if you lost it), a wine cork can do the job with just a couple of holes.

As one Instructables user explains, you can poke a small hole in the top of a wine cork to place the jack, and use a knife to cut a slot along the other end to place your earbuds. You can then wrap the length of the cord around the cork.

This should help make sure that your headphones don’t end up a tangled mess when you toss them in your bag or purse.

Corkwrap [Instructables via Reddit]


  • Or, you know, do it with just the cable so you don’t have to carry a cork around everywhere.


    Just wrap the cable around your hand a few times, leave some slack at the end to wrap around the middle of the loop, then tuck the end through the loop. It takes 5 seconds, you can carry it in your pocket, and you don’t have to worry about leaving your cork at home.

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