Open A Wine Bottle With A Knife And Keep The Cork Intact

Got a wine bottle but no corkscrew? CrazyRussianHacker shows you how to use a knife to remove the cork while keeping it in one piece to recork the bottle.

As the video demonstrates, you need to stick the knife in at an angle and insert it as far as it can go. Then, grab the knife in one hand and move in a circular motion while holding the bottle firmly. It's best to use a thick rag or something similar at this stage to give you a good grip while ensuring the knife won't cut you. Slowly, the cork should start popping out ,and you can just twist it with your hand. If that's still difficult, use the knife to hold the half-popped cork and turn the bottle.

Needless to say, be careful while doing this, and don't cut yourself. If you want a safer option, you can open it with a shoe, but be warned that it's more difficult than advertised.

How to Open Bottle of Wine with a Knife? [CrazyRussianHacker]


    Sounds like you would need that bottle of wine to dull the pain after slicing your hand open.

    Countries that rarely drink wine, and do so as a special occasion, expect to have a cork. Its part of the ritual. Screw tops are seen as cheap, despite what's been bottled.

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