Recycle Old Wine Corks Into A Pot Stand

Before you throw away your next wine cork — or that collection of corks you've built up — consider putting them together into this simple wooden stand that will keep hot pots and pans from damaging your countertops.

Instructables user strooom cut a square mould for the trivet out of a piece of fibreboard, but he notes that you could do the same with some extra wood. The important thing is to create a tight space for you to glue the wooden borders neatly and then press the wine corks into place. The design here used 64 wine corks, but you could tweak the mould and the size to accommodate more or less.

You still need tools and waterproof glue to put it all together, but you will get out of it a useful kitchen tool made from items you probably would have thrown out anyway. If you're looking for more uses for old wine corks, you could also consider making a bath mat. If you only have a handful, they make great plant markers.

Pot Holder from Recycled Wine Corks [Instructables]


    This would have been a great tip.....20 years ago! Have you bought a bottle of wine lately? It's pretty hard to find bottles with corks these days.

    Sparkling (formerly referred to generically as champagne). I happen to have a large number of these courtesy of my wife. After a while they expand out from the mushroom shape to a cylinder.

    If I drank enough wine to create a pot stand I doubt I would be giving a rats about plants.

      In this case he has used the cooking term "pot", this makes the cork much more useful as it is a very good isulator and will protect your benchtops from a hot object that you have just used to cook something with.

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