10 Cheap DIY Projects For The Budget-Conscious Photographer

You’ve spent your fortunes on a high-quality camera, great lenses and a sturdy tripod… so what do you do when your finances fall short for the little things? Fortunately, Kai from DigitalRev has some suggestions on how to shore up your photo-shooting arsenal for free. Well, almost free.

There’s a bit of nonsense at the start, so I’d suggest skipping to the one-minute mark to get to the actual tips. Also, while the title of the clip states the tips are “free”, you’ll certainly need to purchase a few of the components. “Cheap” would be a better word.

Criticisms aside, it’s hard to argue that using a couple of key rings and some cable ties to keep your tripod secured is a handy DIY project for the thrifty photographer, as is rubbing Vaseline on a piece of glass and holding it in front of your lens to emulate soft focus or using a toilet roll for macro shots.

Shame there’s no tip on how to make a Hasselblad out of duct tape and a plastic windshield from a Hot Wheels toy.

Photography Hacks for Free [DigitalRev, via PetaPixel]

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