Build Your Own Tripod-Mounted Laptop Stand On The Cheap

If you’re a photographer or shoot lots of video, you probably have a laptop nearby for quick access to image-editing and streaming tools. Instead of dragging a desk over, you could make this tripod-mounted laptop stand that’s cheap to make and secures your laptop.

The core of this project is the IKEA BRADA laptop stand, which you may remember from this laptop stand earlier in the year. With a little wood, some nuts and bolts, and a strong clamp, your laptop stand should attach firmly to your tripod. FStoppers warns that you should tighten your bolts down and make sure the setup is secure before putting your laptop on it unattended — we don’t want to hear about your laptop falling down because it’s not properly secured to the tripod.

Having said that, this setup is probably best for the casual user. Pros in photo or recording studios will want a professional laptop stand to work with. But if you’re filming a podcast in your kitchen or take a few photos here and there, this project is a great, cheap way to keep your laptop close at hand. What do you think? How would you improve on the design? Let us know in the comments below.

$30 DIY Tripod Laptop Stand [FStoppers]


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