Show These Three Simple Qualities To Be An Amazing Party Guest 

Show These Three Simple Qualities To Be An Amazing Party Guest 

If parties make you feel anxious, or you just want to be a gracious guest, here are three simple points to keep in mind when you arrive. Sticking to them will make sure you get an invite back for the next dinner party.

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The Kitchn offers several tips to be a great party guest, but they note that at all times, you should try to show these big three behaviours:

  • Enthusiasm: Show how much you’re enjoying the evening by complimenting the host on the food, party theme, their home, and so on.
  • Curiosity: Skip the small talk and ask questions to spark interesting conversations.
  • Gratitude: As you leave the party, thank your host for inviting you. If you want to go the extra mile, send a handwritten note a few days later.

Of course, most of these apply to any gathering, whether it’s an informal get together or a fancy dinner party. Keep these three in mind for any events where your boss or others you look up to may be attending. You’ll have a go-to list of topics that will impress them and keep any awkward silences at bay.

5 Ways to Be the Best Dinner Guest Ever [The Kitchn]


  • I few missing…

    1. Turn up between 1-2 hours early to help the host out. Pass them the soap if necessary.

    2. Bring your guitar and coax the post dessert sing-a-long

    3. Bring a bottle of wine, but only reveal it after the bottles have been opened. That way you can take it home with you

    4. Be considerate about smoking. Don’t smoke in the home – smoke in the back doorway, but keep the door open so you can still contribute.

    5. When leaving, toot the horn in appreciation of a good night. Generally, the longer you hold the horn, the more gratitude you are showing.

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