The Best Tips For Hosting A Successful Party

The Best Tips for Hosting a Successful Party

Parties take effort. In fact, if they weren't so much fun, we'd probably all decide they weren't worth the work — but there are plenty of ways to keep a shindig running smoothly. Here are just a few.

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Make Use Of Online Services For Invitations

Services like Evite have been around for a long time and can be useful for large-scale parties where you can't keep track of everyone. If you don't want to bother making your guests sign up for a service they'll only use once a year, Facebook has some pretty robust event-planning tools built in. Statistically, most of your friends are probably already spending plenty of their time there anyway, so they'll be more likely to see it.

Cover The Three F's: Friends, Food & Fun

Party favours, decorations, fancy paper invitations, staging areas, mood lighting, guest lists, itineraries, and most other things often associated with parties are actually of peripheral importance. There are three main components to any social gathering: the guest list, the food and drinks, and the entertainment. Alliteration is easier to remember, though. Build your party around these three pillars and the rest comes naturally.

Greet And Introduce Every Guest To Ease Them Into the Group

One of the biggest reasons we have parties and social gatherings is to meet people we wouldn't otherwise know. As the host, chances are you know more people than most, so take the initiative and introduce people who don't know each other. This takes a bit of social savvy to know who's going to get along with who and how to introduce people (not everyone mixes perfectly right off the bat). However, while alcohol may be known as a social lubricant, nothing quite beats having a reason to talk to someone. When you're the host, that reason is you for most people.

Enlist The Help Of Your Friends To Get Things Done

Hosting a party is a big undertaking — one that can quickly become overwhelming if not managed properly. While you don't have to suck the fun out of a party by turning into middle management, it's generally a good idea to get one to three friends (depending on the size of your party) to help out. Whether it's fielding people as they come in, serving food, or setting up the music, there's always something to do. This is also a handy way to keep introverts occupied if they're feeling overwhelmed or are looking for an out from the social pressure. Above all, remember, parties are supposed to be fun. Don't bark out orders, but don't be afraid to ask for help either.


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