Ditch The Microwave Line At Work And Make Your Brekkie With Hot Water

Ditch the Microwave Line and Make a Delicious Lunch with Hot Water

The most frustrating part of eating at work is dealing with the microwave. Unless you time it exactly right, there is always a line and it usually smells strongly of popcorn. I'm here to tell you that you don't need that microwave in your life; you can make tasty, fast lunches using hot water.

Bon Appetit has combined a myriad of ways to put your company's hot water dispenser to work, including reheating rice, making beautiful noodle bowls, and whipping up piping bowls of miso soup — but my favourite is their tip for reheating a soft-boiled egg.

Boil your egg as you usually do, plunging it in ice water afterwards to stop the cooking process. When brekkie or lunchtime rolls around, fill a mug with hot water and gently place the egg in it for thirty seconds. Your soft-boiled egg is now warm again, and ready to sit upon its throne of salad, rice, or grains (depending what you packed that day). It's so simple, I'm embarrassed I didn't think of it myself.

Check out their post below for the full list of ideas.

How Hot Water Can Transform Your Office Lunch Into Something Awesome [Bon Appetit]


    Popcorn would be a delight. Ours smells like fish.

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