Yes, Game Of Thrones Season 5 Is On Google Play And iTunes Right Now

Game Of Thrones Season 5 has been broadcast in full, which means it's now available from both Apple and Google.

So it's all done and dusted — and you can read Gizmodo's recap here — which means, amongst other things, that it's outside the firm local grasp of Foxtel.

Previous years have seen staggered releases for Game Of Thrones across both Google Play and iTunes, but not this year, with season five available right now via iTunes or Google Play. Both are charging the same: $27.99 for the full season in standard definition, or $32.99 in high definition.

Update: If you're a Fetch TV subscriber, it's also offering paid access to Season 5.


    "with season six available right now $32.99 via iTunes or Google Play."

    Do you know something we don't know?!

    Waiting for the piracy versus download analysis.

    I was one of those who tried to sign up for HBO NOW and got hit with the geo-ban hammer BOO

    Have managed to successfully avoid spoilers for the last 10 weeks YAY

    Will be binge-watching this on iTunes this weekend.

    So if you buy it on iTunes, do you get a downloadable file or does it only stream?

    EDIT: Same question for google play.

    What is the extent of the DRM?

    Last edited 16/06/15 1:51 pm

      For iTunes, if you buy, you get a DRM-locked downloadable file, and the ability to stream it to other devices (Apple TV 3rd gen, for example) as needed.

    Also on PSN now $24.99/$29.99!/en-au/tv/series/game-of-thrones/cid=UV0018-NPVA53667_CN-0000000000128338

    Last edited 16/06/15 3:04 pm

    It's on quickflix too for the same price :)

    for google play you can only download it to a google mobile or tablet.
    you can stream, but not download, to a computer. I just learned that the hard way.
    still, lagging aside, the first couple of eps were pretty solid

    I bought season 5 but only th trailers are available, am i missing something?

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