Subway Is Getting Into The ‘Happy Meal’ Market

Subway Is Getting Into The ‘Happy Meal’ Market

Subway has partnered with Disney Pixar to make kids’ meals a permanent fixture on its menu. The first Happy Meal, sorry, “KidsPak” will contain a mini sub, an SPC Crush-UPS fruit pack and a 350ml bottle of Mt Franklin water, plus a choice of six dinky messenger bags based on the upcoming movie Inside Out.

The new KidsPaks have been specifically designed to promote healthy eating habits. Kids can build their sub from chicken strips, ham, roast beef or turkey along with the usual selection of salads. The meal also includes a side of fruit puree and water in place of cookies and a soft drink. (I’m sure children will be thrilled.)

Depending on the chosen meat, the total energy contained within the meal works out to between 589kJ and 874KJ. This is a damn sight better than Macca’s kiddie offerings, which can contain as much as 2678kJ depending on the food items chosen.

Disney/Pixar publicly split from McDonald’s a few years ago, so it’s decision to partner with arch rival Subway is quite interesting. Initially, the tie-in will see kids receive an Inside Out messenger bag. We’re pretty sure most customers would prefer a plastic figurine to stick on their bookshelf. Or maybe that’s just us.

The KidsPaks will cost $6.95, which is pretty steep for a child-sized fast food meal. You can find out more about the KidsPak on Subway’s website.

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  • $6.95 sounds pretty good when getting the water and SPC Crush-UPS fruit tub. Just depends on how big the mini sub actually is. When we do subway for my kids, they eat half the bread and all the filling.

  • At 589 – 874kJ, it doesn’t seem like the mini sub will be very big at all.

  • It doesn’t sound too bad if you can swap the water with a fruit juice.

  • Seriously, so sick of this trend occurring since the 80s/90s (probably even earlier) and worse now during the ‘millenials’ era, of advertising trendy names for products by literally using spelling mistakes…(no wonder many teens today, empirically, can’t spell or write properly for shit).
    why the fuck does using the name ‘KidsPak’ really warrant the supposed extra sales by being ‘trendy’ instead of just teaching a kid how to actually spell/say the word ‘pack’ properly.
    Another pet hate is seeing ‘drive thru’ signs at some McDonalds/HJs instead of just fucking ‘drive through’, ARGH

    • wat iz wron wid dat m8?
      der iznt nethin bd abt dat.
      diz m8ks vry ezy 2 typ, nd kiwkr

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