Bellroy’s Elements Phone Pocket Plus Combines A Wallet And A Smartphone Case

Bellroy’s Elements Phone Pocket Plus Combines A Wallet And A Smartphone Case

Not everyone wants to carry around a smartphone, a case to protect it, and a wallet for everything else. If you fall into that category, then Bellroy’s Elements Phone Pocket might answer the call.

The Pocket Plus is designed to be large enough to hold a phablet-sized smartphone, along with some notes, around 10 credit cards, a few coins and a key or two. There’s even a slot to store a spare SIM for your phone.

I tested out the Phone Pocket Plus as my main wallet over the weekend during a trip to Adelaide. It’s handy having everything in in one place passing through airports, and the wallet still fitted in my jeans pocket (front or back). It also slotted elegantly into my jacket pocket, although I did have issues once or twice with the zipper snagging when I tried to remove it.

Whether having your phone inside your wallet is actually helpful depends on how often you want to access it. I’m the kind of annoying person who pulls out their phone to check whenever I’m stuck in a queue. Having to take it out of a zippered case every single time becomes a nuisance in that situation, and I soon found myself sliding it in my pocket next to the wallet rather than putting it away. The Pocket Plus approach would make more sense if you want your phone well-protected while you go walking for long distances.

The Elements Phone Pocket Plus sells for $139.95, with free shipping in Australia. Me, I’m going to be sticking with my Bellroy Travel Wallet for my everyday needs, but for people who handle their phone less than I do, I can see the appeal of the Pocket Plus.



  • Anyone else snigger everytime they see someone on the phone with their credit card and licence hanging off the side of their head? Phone wallets are dumb.

    • Practical at losing your cash, debit/credit cards, ID & phone all at once though, so they have that going for them!

  • ordered it before reading any review (Haha). Planning on only use it as my trip wallet, but probably will change into everyday wallet. Also hopefully will make me use my phone less!

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