The Bellroy Travel Wallet Is Big Enough For Your Passport And Boarding Pass

The Bellroy Travel Wallet Is Big Enough For Your Passport And Boarding Pass

I learned the importance of keeping your passport dry many years ago. After spending the day wandering around the Cevennes in the pouring rain, the passport in my pocket was dangerously damp. I’m paranoid enough to always have my passport with me when I’m overseas, but it needs to be in some form of protective covering.

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With that experience in mind, I was quite happy when the Bellroy team sent me their travel wallet to test. This all-leather design is specifically aimed at road warriors: it has a space to store your wallet, is long enough to keep a boarding pass in, and even has a small pen incorporated so you can fill out landing cards. Despite that, it still comes in thinner than my current wallet.

There are two slots in the main part of the wallet for essential cards (which in a work travel context, means your frequent flyer card and your main credit card). You can easily pop a second card behind each of these (backup credit card and train ticket or hotel room key for me). There are also four slots in the main billfold area where you can store less-used cards. The billfold section is divided, so you can use the back for notes, and the front for your boarding pass or any receipts.

I’m the kind of guy who invariably travels with multiple pens anyway, but the incorporated pen is still a clever idea. Just be sure to get it back when you lend it to the person sitting next to you who didn’t remember to pack one.

I like this wallet a lot — indeed, I’m torn between adopting it as my regular day-to-day option or reserving it for my not-infrequent work trips. (As longtime Lifehacker readers will know, I don’t have a driver’s licence, so carrying around a passport as ID is quite useful anyway.)

The Travel Wallet $119.95, comes in four colours (I tested the mocha variant) and offers a three-year warranty.

The Bellroy Travel Wallet Is Big Enough For Your Passport And Boarding Pass

Bellroy Travel Wallet


  • Got gifted the Bellroy Travel Wallet last year. I did alot of traveling where I had to layover at 1 or 2 international airports recently and this wallet was a great. It’s fantastically made and is very well worth its price,

  • Never liked the idea of having the wallet and passport in the same place. One pickpocket later and not only do you not have cash or cards, but your passport too?

    • It is something to consider. I usually carry my passport in an internal jacket pocket to minimise the risk when travelling in any case — will continue doing that with this wallet I imagine.

    • I would be only putting my travel related cards, and a backup prepaid visa card in there. My normal wallet holds my other ID and credit cards. Then it stays in the hotel room safe or in the luggage whilst i dont need it.

    • I’m fairly happy the author made it obvious that he was sent the wallet for review. Lifehacker are otherwise upfront when it’s a paid for advertisement.

  • I also worry about carrying my passport with my while travelling. As well as keeping it dry. Last year I was at Victoria Falls and did not quite expect to get so soaked when gusts of wind blew the water falls spray all over me.

    Luckily I had my money belt on. Where with in it I safely kept my passport, cash and cards. All with in slim plastic, waterproof zip lock bags. Nicely organised. Where as my wallet was in my pocket meant some of it’s contents still got wet around the edges. All the important things stayed safe.

    Wallet looks too big for practicality when travelling. Also any smart traveller knows it’s not best to pull out a large wallet containing their cards, cash and passport anytime they need to buy something or take cash out. That is simply way too risky.

    I actually really like the design, but it’s impractical and it’s not safe if you’re in any part of the world with criminals that prey on tourists.

    As for airports, a normal passport carrier, departure wallet which you can carry, tickets, itineraries, pens and whatever is more practical. Just use it at airports. Pack in bag separately. With duplicates of content also kept.

    That said I did order one of their wallets the other day. The Note Fold I believe. As I like slim wallets and the slim fold wallet doesn’t cut it for day to day uses. That one by another company is amazing for going out and having little, but it’s not an every day wallet.

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