Turn a Tie Into A Smartphone Case And Wallet

Looking for a valid reason to wear a tie? It can double as a smartphone case and a wallet.

You can make a smartphone case out of practically anything these days, but it turns out that a necktie can double as both a case and a wallet.

Clever Etsy store owner TearfulTouch is offering a phone-ready tie via the online craft site. It's a neat design, and if you have sewing skills it's a project you could easily tackle yourself.

The lengthier skinny part of the tie is removed and excess fabric is folded up to form a pocket. A button is added to the top of the tie to secure everything and the phone slips right into the end. If you have a leftover tie and need a case that can double as a wallet, this looks like a fun weekend project to try.

TearfulTouch [Etsy]


    Nothing like a heavy object on the end of a free swinging pendulum to make your day interesting..!

    Last edited 03/11/12 8:34 am

      Pocket Tie. - An invention by Karl Pilkington.
      But what if I want to carry my groceries.
      "Then you get the scarf version."
      "The country would look smarter"

        I'm going to hazard a guess the US Lifehacker writers aren't aware of Karl Pilkington :)

        +1 I thought the exact same thing when I read this!

      It's not a tie that you wear around your neck, it's just a wallet/pouch thing with a wrist attachment that's been made out of a tie.

        You know I actually clicked the link and didn't really notice that it was just a pouch. I saw the handle bit and dismissed it as the small end of the tie... Doh!! :)

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