Use Velcro To Keep Your Wallet From Falling Out Of Your Pocket

Wallets fall out of pockets when human velocity reaches a certain speed. How can we stop this? Redditor SlyBox suggests using a little Velcro.

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Buy a roll of adhesive velcro and put a strip on each side of the inside edge of your pocket so your phone or wallet won't fall out while you're jumping around.

Why might you be jumping around? If you go dancing or running, for example, you might need to keep your wallet in place. Adhesive velcro is removable, so you can make the adjustment temporary.

When going to a concert use velcro to prevent losing your phone/wallet [Reddit]


    I just use a large safety pin on each pocket.

    And where does the chain in the photo go?

    It could go to his wallet.

    I have used a chain (a bit lighter weight than the one in the photo; from Bunnings) to attach my wallet to my belt since I went to India a few years ago.

    I also have my keys on a chain. I have lost keys twice:

    * Once on a motor cycle trip into the bush 500km north east of Perth. My friend walking behind me picked them up but after I found that they were missing he let me stew for quite a while.

    * The second time I parked a work car in the city. When I got back to the car just as the clearway cut in I found that the key had fallen through a hole in the bottom of my pocket. The parking inspector gave me 15 minutes grace. I had already phoned a friend and he drove down with the spare key just in time.

    Another time when I returned to the car I dropped the keys. They landed on a drainage grille and luckily they bounced onto the road and didn't drop through into the sump below.

    I use a coil spring to attach my day pack so that if I put it down I can't forget it. Done twice with a PC in it. Got it back both times. Also, hopefully, it's strong enough to stop someone grabbing it and running.

    Search on eBay for: Stainless Steel Inside Double Ended Carabiner Coil

    Velcro? A bit too complicated a solution for a simple problem. Instead, wrap a fat elastic band around your wallet. The friction from the rubber holds it in your pocket, but still allows easy access.

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