How To Make Bacon Onion Rings

Despite a vegetable base, onion rings aren't exactly a health food. As such, if you're going to splurge on fatty foods anyway, why not go the whole hog — quite literally? Bring on the bacon onion rings!

As recipes go, this one is insanely simple. It even dodges the need for batter on your onion rings, because the bacon itself is the batter. I'll leave it to the nutritionists to work out if these are better or worse for you than the traditional fried kind.

Bacon Onion Rings [Instructables]


    I'll take two. But hold the onion.

    "onion rings aren’t exactly a health food"
    What is wrong with them?

    Next: How to do CPR.
    Then: Recovering from Bypass Surgery.

    Hmmm, definitely going to add a couple to my next burger :-)

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