DreamCheaper Automatically Rebooks Your Hotel Room If The Rate Drops

Hotel rates fluctuate often, so it's hard to know if you really got the best price when you booked. DreamCheaper solves this problem by searching for cheaper prices on the same room and date and then rebooking your hotel reservation.

The site claims it has found savings for two out of three bookings, with savings averaging 15% — sometimes as much as 60%. All you have to do is forward your hotel confirmation email to [email protected] and the service will take care of everything for you.

Note that this only makes sense to explore if you have a room booked which allows you to cancel without charge. Many cheap hotel bookings are sold on a "no changes, no refunds" basis — and it's rare for that kind of room to become cheaper than the pre-booked rate.

If it does find you a cheaper room, DreamCheaper keeps 20% of the savings. There's no charge if a better booking isn't found — your original reservation remains in place.

DreamCheaper [via Los Angeles Times]


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