Hotel Tonight Now Lets You Upgrade That Cheap Room To A Suite

Hotel Tonight Now Lets You Upgrade That Cheap Room To A Suite

When it comes to last-minute travel, Hotel Tonight can be a lifesaver. The app allows you to get same-day hotel rooms at a fraction of the cost you might pay had you booked the room earlier. This week it added another feature: the option to upgrade that last-minute booking to a suite.

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When you make a booking at a hotel that’s offering an upgrade you’ll see the option to bump up your room on the checkout screen. If you’re particularly interested in an upgraded room you can also just search for hotels that are offering one. For instance “Upgrade Sydney.”

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Upgrades will always be suites rather than just a room on a higher floor or with slightly better amenities, and they will also always be at least 50 per cent cheaper than the hotel’s standard upgrade fee.

Upgrades are one of those things my boyfriend always asks for, but I always shy away from. There’s something a bit awkward for me about asking the person at the front desk if they have anything better available. Especially when it’s just me travelling, my original room is probably great, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t consider paying an extra $20 to get something amazing. I could see myself doing this.

And if you’ve never given Hotel Tonight a try, it’s definitely worth it. Hotels put their extra inventory in the app, often at a serious discount. You have to book the room the same day, but you can score some insane deals. We’ve used the service a few times travelling when our original hotel didn’t require payment until check-in.

In those instances, we found a significantly better price at a much better hotel and just cancelled our original reservation. You can book Hotel Tonight rooms up to seven days in advance, but the longer you wait the better the deals often get.

It’s a bit of a gamble, but oftentimes it pays out.

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