What Developers Can Learn From Walt Disney (According To Google)

What Developers Can Learn From Walt Disney (According To Google)

Building an app is a time-consuming process that often involves obsessing over small design details. Google advises taking a lesson from Hollywood animation studios like Disney and try to standardise and automate as much of the process as you can.

Picture: Getty Images/Alberto E. Rodriguez

Google’s VP of design Matías Duarte made that point at the Bloomberg Businessweek Design conference this week. As Business Insider reports, Duarte drew a contrast between current app designers, who are “obsessed about every pixel, every screen and every interaction”, and the animation industry, which uses automated processes to help design backgrounds and transitions between key frames.

Google’s own solution to this issue is its material design template. You don’t necessarily have to embrace that, but standardising and automating as much as possible lets you spend more time making meaningful improvements to applications.

Having absorbed that lesson, check out some broader productivity lessons you can learn from Walt Disney.

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