Google Killing Off iGoogle

Google Killing Off iGoogle

The latest casualty in Google’s ongoing wave of product closures: iGoogle. Google has announced that it will shut down the customised home page option on November 1, 2013.

Given Google’s ongoing efforts to convince everyone to use Google+, I’m not surprised that it wants to shut down an option which lets you change the way Google looks. And I suspect not too many people will care about this: there are plenty of other ways to set up your own customised start page if that’s what you want.

Google is also killing off some other minor products, including its specific search app for Symbian phones and its Google Mini search appliance.

Spring cleaning in summer [Google Official Blog]


  • I’ve been an iGoogle user for about as long as it’s existed. Although it is slow and awkward in a FlipBoard age, it is the only option I have found for bringing together headlines from news sites, rss feeds, stock quotes, weather forecasts, email and social media all in a single screen. I spend much of my procrastination time getting up-to-date info on my iGoogle screen. The suggestions you made for alternates completely miss the point of iGoogle. It will be missed. Unlike Google+.

  • So what’s the alternative then? Looking at those links provided, either the author doesn’t understand what iGoogle does, or there are no alternatives.

  • I like iGoogle, but then Google seem intent on forcing Google+ at this point.

    I also miss sharing on Google Reader, my wife and I sat down to try and figure out doing the same thing with Google+ and failed miserably. Now we just email each other the stuff we find.

    • The google reader sharing hit me hard as well. I assumed they’d integrate the two again so you so you could see friends shared items in reader..but no, it’s a one way street.

      Regarding the article: Most of the products they kill have a very small userbase, but I know at least three people actively using igoogle. I don’t know of any third party products that combine google talk/reader/gmail/news/weather/etc to the same page – maybe you can get the same effect by using chrome with a few extensions?

  • I think if you give Angus a few days, he will post an article giving all the alternatives to iGoogle. I use it as my home page and am eager to find alternatives.

  • Actually, looking at the list of closures – I also use google talk chatback. it lets you turn any link into a web-based google talk session, so it works great in any scenario where you have to hack together quick/temporary user support.

    The first time they close a product I still use they close two of them. What have I done to anger the google?

  • It seems to me that Google is trying to force people toward Chrome. Getting rid of iGoogle is akin to ending support for other browsers. Chrome is designed not to employ a home or start up page at all. Google thinks the internet shifting toward browser based apps as opposed to web pages. I don’t like it at all and I think it’s a shortsighted decision.

  • Killing off iGoogle is a shock, considering it only recently got the “new Google” makeover.

    It’s not a surprise, however, considering browsers seem to be shifting away from the idea of having a home page and more towards the process of “continuing where you left off”. And especially as we go more mobile, the need for a home page has dropped off less and less. Mobile browsers like iOS’s Safari and Chrome don’t even have a setting for a home page.

    It’s still 16 months until it disappears, but I think I’ll just farewell iGoogle now. Had a good run, but I think I’ll change my Chrome’s home page setting to continuing where I left off. Go with the flow 😉

  • I hope they don’t get rid of the chat function along with iGoogle, 🙁
    I use it to chat with my husband while at work all day as it is a lot less conspicuous than straight chat providers, and cheaper & less time consuming than sending text messages all day.

  • I am sorry to hear that igoogle is coming to an end.
    I have used igoogle for a number of years now and have found it a great facility.
    I am not a ‘Tech Savy’ user but I have found google very easy to setup and manage.
    Igoogle is great for me to quickly keep track of my daily issues, and not be bogged down with a lot of unnecessary distractions. It speeds up my chores for the day.
    I am a sailor so keeping up with the weather is a major part of my day, Where I am and where I intend to head, weather radar, world time zones for friends around the globe, currency converter, gmail, google translate and googe Map Search.
    It has encourages me to use a lot of google tools and services so I believe it is doing a good jobfor me and for Google. Love you Google services – Keep up the good work.

  • You can get some similar features as iGoogle at, though not as extensive. When I discovered iGoogle, I changed my home page from Excite to it. It was a sad day when I read iGoogle was departing.

  • Here’s why I like Google and choose it over other things. Its products feel like the tools in a Swiss Army Knife of everything that I might need on the Internet, even the little-used stuff that might come in handy. When and if my perception of that changes, my perception is likely to lead me elsewhere. Losing iGoogle (which is my starting point for hitting the Interent) is one step toward that. Perhaps someone can explain to me why the idea of a start-page is obsolete or why Google wouldn’t want to be there.

  • I completely and utterly agree with a large number of comments made by those above. I got lured by Adobe to use Google chrome. it was with me for about 1/2 a day before I uninstalled it. Too self serving, too pushy. The i Google page is one of the finer things you have done. Take this and I cannot see the point in Google. My wife uses Firefox and maybe I will join her. Is management crazy? Leave well enough alone.

  • I too love I google and have been fruitlessly looking for an alternative . Chrome seems to be just another browser – can someone please explain how add ons can be used to emulate a customizable home page with rss feed simply???

  • Dear Google, Why would you want to lose users when you have a perfectly good product, easy to use and versatile? On top ofthat it is popular! Guys, it’s simple. If it aint broke, dont fix it. Pleeeeeese!

  • I’m devastated! Please, please, Google Don’t Do This! Without igoogle I think I’ll abandon the Net and go back to broadsheets/tabloids/whatever. What possible reason can there be for the shelving of such a successful platform??!!

  • This is not a good decision. Even with Chrome, I still loose massive functionality. I run a small business, and we all use iGoogle every day! We make extensive use of gtasks, contacts, gdocs, ect to make everything smooth and easy. Having it all on one page really does help. I could understand it if no one was using it…

  • Lots of folks say iGoogle is slow…not really. If you take into consideration that the site is aggregating news from “other” web sites then you will see it’s not really iGoogle.

    Just like Firefox…once you start adding Add-ons, start-up takes longer and the add-ons are busy sniffing traffic as that’s how they work. As for iGoogle, it needs to get articles for the sites you’re getting information from.

    Unlike Google+ (scrolling) not needed. No clicking needed, unless I want to read further into a headline.

    Just a head’s-up Google. I am starting to convert to as they are the new standard for simple…and they don’t track you either! All the tracking Google does, then they should know that there are a lot of us whom use iGoogle constantly. As a matter of fact, it was the first page I see every time I want to browse the web.

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