Selfie Sticks Not Welcome At Apple’s Developer Conference

Selfie Sticks Not Welcome At Apple’s Developer Conference
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Sorry developers — you’ll have to take your Tim-Cook-In-The-Distance-Selfies by hand this year if you get into Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), which has been announced as taking place from June 8.

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Apple already prohibits outside audio or video recordings of the sessions at the conference, but you can add another type of recording device that’s not welcome to this year’s WWDC: selfie sticks.

Apple’s updated terms specifically call out the much-derided personal photography devices by name, stating that alongside “professional photographic or video equipment, or wearable recording devices” (so there goes Google Glass, too), “you may not use selfie sticks or similar monopods within Moscone West or Yerba Buena Gardens.”

Sneaky selfie-stick users run the risk of being removed from WWDC — although quite how you’d manage sneaky selfie stick usage eludes me.

As AppleInsider notes, there’s something of a trend in banning selfie sticks at public events, largely due to the visual disruption they cause for those behind the selfie-stick user.

Apple bans selfie sticks, monopods from WWDC 2015 [AppleInsider]


  • is it wrong that every time I see someone using a Selfie stick, I want rip it out of there hands and whip them with it?

    • Yes. While the term ‘selfie’ is relatively new, the act of taking a snapshot with yourself as the partial subject has been around since photography began and even before photography (the self portrait).

      The selfie stick serves a great purpose in getting an angle and framing that is difficult to get using just your arms. I use it for both ‘selfies’ and ‘non-selfies’ for this purpose. It’s especially useful for my wife as she has comparatively short arms.

      It’s really a wonderful device. Similar to how I have used a monopod with my DSLR during some physically very difficult shots (which can be a lot of blind luck and repetition depending on whether you have a moveable lcd screen).

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