Opera Mini Gets Android Overhaul

Opera Mini Gets Android Overhaul

Opera’s latest mobile browser concentrates on speed and an improved Android experience, as it tries to double its Android market share.

The latest update to Opera’s version of its Android Opera Mini client features as per the company, a “dramatically redesigned interface” in order to “achieve a native Android look and feel”.

As always with Opera Mini, the focus is still on reducing overall data usage, with an inbuilt tool that estimates its daily data savings based on your usage. The new interface should scale up on larger phablet and tablet style devices, as well as a redesigned speed dial and support for private browsing. It’s a free download from Google Play.

Opera to double user base on Android by 2017 [Opera]


  • I wish opera mini would just die already.

    Every time i check caniuse.com for browser support what i want to use is not supported, so i don’t attempt to accommodate it anymore, if people want to use opera mini they can suffer the consequences of using a shitty browser.

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