Opera Releases Mini 6.5 For iOS, BlackBerry

We looked at the Android release of Opera Mini 6.5 last month, but Opera has now updated its ultra-mobile browser with new versions for iOS, BlackBerry and Symbian phones.

The big advantage of Opera Mini is that it delivers compressed versions of sites via Opera's servers, cutting down on the amount of data you use. That can make it handy to use when you have a slow mobile connection or your battery life is low, even if you use your native browser at other times. It also includes built-in data tracking so you can see how much browsing you've done (and how much you have left). It's a free download across all platforms.



    Gus - I don't know if it's related to the cutover to the new site layout, but the embedded images in the article previews on the RSS feed are HUUUUUUGE

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