Kindle Voyage Selling In Australia, No ‘Australia Tax’

Kindle Voyage Selling In Australia, No ‘Australia Tax’

Some seven months after its US release, Amazon is putting the Kindle Voyage ereader, its top-of-the-line model, on sale in Australia. It will initially be available through Dick Smith stores, and the price is actually fairly reasonable.

The Voyage’s release last year saw generally positive reviews. It boasts a glass screen, a 330ppi display density, 4GB of storage and weighs in at just 180 grams. But it also boasts what might seem a fairly hefty price tag: $299 (plus a minimum of $7.95 for delivery, unless you pick it up in one of the Sydney or Melbourne stores with physical product).

However, that stacks up fairly well. In the US, the Voyage sells for $US219 for the Wi-Fi version that doesn’t include ads (which is the one we’re getting in Australia). On today’s exchange rate, that converts to around $274 Australian dollars. Bear in mind the US price is tax-free (that would be calculated based on the delivery address), while the Australian price includes GST. Add 10 per cent for GST to $274, and you get $301.40. So $299 seems OK — no “Australia tax” here.

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    • Right, but they would have to pay their individual states’ sales tax which is roughly around 5%-10% depending on the state. Even if the dollar keeps on rising, it’ll be a while before it’s that much of a difference to pay for shipping from the US and waiting an extra couple weeks.

      Credit where credit is due, no ‘Australia Tax’ is a good thing.

  • What are its wireless specs – are they restricted to a/b/g/n/ac, or is
    something faster available?

    • Hard to tell the difference between wireless b and wireless ac when you’re downloading a 4mb book…

      • For me the issue is that next time I shop for a wireless router for home use,
        there may not be any routers that continue to support the a/b/n protocols
        as well as the newest wireless protocols.

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