Amazon's New Paperwhite Kindle: Australian Pricing

Amazon's just-updated Paperwhite Kindle features a 300ppi display, new typography — and the same price point as the previous Paperwhite Kindle.

The new Paperwhite Kindle (how do they come up with these marketing names?) is available in Australia for $179 via Dick Smith, or in a 3G-enabled version for $249. The highlight feature is the 300dpi display, putting it squarely up against Kobo's latest e-reader, the Glo HD. It's also running with a new typesetting engine and Kindle-specific font, dubbed "Bookerly".

That $179 price point also sits in sharp contrast to the Kindle Voyage, which remains on sale for $299. The new Paperwhite's pricing is reasonably stacked against its US price, where it sells for $US119 sans tax. At current exchange rates plus GST, that's quite close.

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    Except it is $199 at Dick Smiths not $179 as you state in the article.

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