Foxtel Will Run Orange Is The New Black Series 3 Marathon

Foxtel Will Run Orange Is The New Black Series 3 Marathon

Netflix isn’t the only game in town when it comes to binge watching.

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Foxtel will run a 14 hour marathon of Orange Is The New Black when the series debuts on June 12 — at the same time as Netflix makes it available, according to TV Tonight. That’s a whole lot of women-in-prison drama/comedy to digest if you’re that keen. The status of the show hadn’t been clear, with both Netflix and Foxtel boasting they would have series 3.

The series will run ad-free, with episodes then made available on-demand on Foxtel’s Anytime service immediately after it airs. Which at a purely technical level means that if you’re not worried about small details like narrative continuity, Netflix’s immediate availability of all episodes could allow you to jump ahead in Piper Chapman’s adventures in prison ahead of Foxtel.

Foxtel to marathon entire Orange is the New Black season [TV Tonight]


  • Much rather pay the $11.99 a month to Netflix to watch it and thousand of other shows and movies than pay Foxtel for watermarks and advertising.

    • Also that $11.99 you pay gets you it in HD. From what I have been told if you want HD with Foxtel you have to pay extra on top of what you’re paying already. If that is still the case then that is even more reason not to bother, if you can that is.

  • I watched the Walking DeAD on Foxtel and it seems like i spent as much time watching crappy ads as i did the series. Netflix flogs the pants off Foxtel, in my mind Foxtels only saviour is its sports content.

  • a good move by them but useless as soon as netflix aus confirms it will actually have it too

    • They have already confirmed they will from June 12. Foxtel has first run rights and Netflix has global streaming rights.

      • ah must of missed that announcement for australia/global, thanks looks like my “will my pos internet handle this” trial month starts about then

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