Dashlane Inbox Scan Finds All The Passwords You've Shared Over Email

Dashlane Inbox Scan Finds All the Passwords You've Shared Over Email

Your inbox is full of confirmation emails and other messages containing one of your passwords — which is bad news if someone gets access to your email. Inbox Scan, a new tool from the makers of Dashlane, searches your email for messages containing passwords and other sensitive info so you can delete them.

You don't need to be a Dashlane user to use this service. Just head to this page, give it read-only access to your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or AOL inbox, and let it scan. It will find all the plan text passwords sitting in your inbox, as well as other sensitive information like addresses or phone numbers.

It will show you a "bubble cloud" of all the accounts it found, but you can ignore this. The only ones you need to worry about are the ones in red. After clicking Next, it will give you a PDF report that lists all the services and passwords it found. It will even tell you which passwords are weak, reused, or have been breached in the past, so you can make sure you've changed them.

If you're diligent with your passwords, you probably won't find too much in Dashlane's report, but better safe than sorry — I found a couple weak passwords in my inbox, still stored in plain text, that I didn't know I still used. Try it out at the link below.

Dashlane Inbox Scan


    Because you can trust Dashlane with all your passwords and emails.

    If you're dubious about giving someone access to your email, you can find the passwords you've shared in gmail pretty well with a simple search for "password". If you get a bunch of matches for services that send you a "password recovery" link in every email, exclude them like this (after updating your passwords):

    password -twitter -facebook

    also I found the password search worked best from google inbox, rather than gmail - infinite scrolling ftw.

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