Avoid Unnecessary Food Purchases With The Supermarket Drinking Game

Avoid Unnecessary Food Purchases with the Supermarket Drinking Game

You shouldn't shop when you're hungry, but if you absolutely have to (or have a problem with impulse buys), a simple drinking game can help. Before you go whipping out your flask, though, this is a water drinking game.

Photo by Bradly Gordon

When you're feeling hungry, your brain convinces you that you want everything you can see in the supermarket. Sometimes a drink of water can help quench those desires and keep you on task.

Faith Durand and the other folks at The Kitchn suggest you make a drinking game out of it. Take a water bottle with you to the store and take a big swig of water every time you see something unnecessary you want. You'll keep up your hydration, stave off your hunger for a little while, and keep to your grocery list.

10 Smart Strategies for Grocery Shopping While You're Hungry [The Kitchn]


    I thought this was going to be "Drink 2 litres of water in the carpark, do shopping quickly because you now have to go to the toilet, no time to get junk food".

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