Top Oats With Veggies For A Quick, Filling Meal

Top Oats With Veggies For A Quick, Filling Meal

Oats are a breakfast classic, but you can turn them into a lunch or dinner option with a topping of savoury veggies.

Use whatever vegetables you have on hand to create a quick, filling meal. You can puree the vegetables and top the oats with them — or for a dish with more textural difference, roast the veggies before adding them in. For more ideas on how to use fruit and vegetables, check out the full post linked below.

5 Ways to Eat a Lot More Fruits and Vegetables in the Winter [The Kitchn]


  • You want to eat more vegies….miso soup! (you can chuck just about any vegie into it.).

    Want it to be filling, add noodles (soba or udon)…
    Want variety, don’t add the miso and just use dashi and soy sauce as base…
    Want texture (if somehow vegies are not enuff texture…) add corn starch and thicken it…

    and to top it off, no need for an oven, no need to puree…just a stove, pot and a knife (and some basic ingredients ^_^)

      • Wait!, you mean

        -The medical study involving surveying 100 american men in a fertility clinic about their soy intake
        – The one that is reported to stand in stark contrast to a long history of studies on this field?
        -The one where the authors have stated they have no clear explanation for the link between soy and sperm count?
        -The one where fellow researchers are suggesting it maybe because there is a prevalence of obese and overweight men in their study?
        -The one where the authors also stated a much bigger study is needed to explain why most asian diets containing large amounts of soy do not seem to affect sperm count?

          • lolz, that actually wasn’t my serious mode of replying (but yea, wasn’t gonna let u just troll it..^_^)…occupational disease.

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