Netflix Will Launch In Australia On March 24

Netflix Will Launch In Australia On March 24
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We’ve long known that Netflix would officially launch in Australia at some point in March, and now we have a date: Tuesday March 24. We also have a better idea of which devices will be supported at launch, and we even have one ISP which says it will offer unmetered access. But what will we be paying?

Annoyingly, Netflix still isn’t saying on that point. There has been widespread speculation the basic package will cost around $10 a month, which would roughly parallel the current $US7.99 a month pricing. Netflix has said it will be selling gift cards in Australia in $20, $50 and $60 denominations. ($60 would cover six months if it was $10 a month . . . just saying.) Those cards will be sold through Coles Woolworths, Big W, 7-Eleven, Officeworks and Australia Post.

Netflix’s statement says there will be three plans: a single-stream SD plan, a dual-stream HD plan and a four-stream 4K family plan. But annoyingly we won’t know the official price until the launch date.

Netflix has also confirmed it will be available unmetered on iiNet, which is good news for download junkies. iiNet already sells access to Fetch TV, which had previously announced a partnership with Netflix. (We’d expect the same deal to apply to iiNet subsidiary brands like Internode and Westnet.) Update: Optus has also said it won’t be metering access to Netflix.

TV sets which will have a Netflix smart TV app on launch date include models from Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Philips and HiSense. Supported consoles will include Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Sony’s PS3 and PS4, and Nintendo’s Wii U. Apple TV Google Chromecast will also be supported.

Excited Netflix will be here officially? Plan to keep using the US version anyway? Prefer the already-here rivals like Stan, Quickflix and Presto? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


  • Netflix has also confirmed it will be available unmetered on iiNet

    This makes me VERY happy!!! This was my biggest issue, apart from speed of course.

    • I was also happy, for about 5 seconds.

      Then I thought: I have Netflix USA via a VPN and I stream from The USA, Canada, the Netherlands and Brazil. iiNet will know when I use Aus Netflix (no VPN), but when I VPN for overseas content I’m guessing that’ll be counted towards my d/l limit.

      Coupled with the rumour that Netflix Aus will have poor content and I don’t see myself changing from iiNet’s Home2 (300GB) plan back to their Home1 (100GB) plan.

      Please correct me if I’m wrong…

    • Curious whether that access will be for all iiNet customers, or whether it will be tied into the FetchTV plans. I’m betting the latter.

  • Will users of Netflix Australia have to remove their smartdns settings from their modems to get the iiNet quota free?

    • This. I was going to sign up for a US netflix account at the start of the year, if they have decent content on the Aus one it means I don’t have to worry about setting up/paying for a VPN service.

    • Not sure why people keep referencing the U.S.A. Netflix. It doesn’t have the best content. The Latin American countries have better movies, same with some of the European countries. The Canada Netflix has a good selection as well. A lot of good movies aren’t available on the U.S.A.Netflix… I guess Aussies are used to feeling inferior to Americans.

  • “$60 would cover six months if it was $10 a month”

    Well I hope the 2 streams option will be $10pm otherwise I can see 200,000 Aussies sticking with their US accounts!

  • I wonder if Netflix streaming from the US will be unmetered? (I know probably not, but how will the advertise the differentiation)

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