Netflix Launching In Australia In March 2015

After years of speculation, it's official: streaming TV service Netflix will launch in Australia (and New Zealand) in March next year.

Details beyond that are scant: we don't have pricing, content deals or any information on ISP partnerships.

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The shows Netflix mentions in its announcement are mostly ones it produces itself, which are the one area where it generally won't have to battle against long-term rights deals held by Foxtel and local free-to-air networks.

The timing isn't altogether surprising, given that rival service Stan is expected to launch in February.



    About time we finally got it. I just got a chrome cast to watch netflix on TV only to find out that chromecasts hardcore their DNS servers. This ment I couldnt get around the US ip lockout on netflix and hence was useless. Now I can keep it an wait till march. Yay.

      This works for UnoTelly but the instructions will be valid for others if it helps:

        Cool, thanks for that. Have recently been having problems accessing Netflix from one of my Apple TV boxes (via getflix). Suspect it may be trying to use a public DNS. Will give this a go.

      You can work around the Chromecast hardcoded DNS entries. It requires a static route to be setup on your router. Basically you point to some dummy local address so that the DNS lookup from the Chromecast will fail and it will then use the DNS entries from your Router.

      Can you change the DNS settings in your router instead? I personally use a VPN at my router which makes every device in my house think they're in California.

        @jake_d What service do you use for DNS?

    So I've got AppleTV. What's the difference??

    This is amazing. Netflix is really killing it right now.. For those who live outside USA like me, you can use PureVPN to access Netflix overseas.

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