Boost Mobile Data Allowance Changes Again, Adds Bonus Data Sundays

Boost Mobile Data Allowance Changes Again, Adds Bonus Data Sundays
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So last month Telstra-owned Boost Mobile decided to cut the data allowance on its prepaid plans. Now it is restoring some of them back to their previous levels, which we’re not really prepared to call an increase.

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From today, the $40 UNTLD plan will include 3GB of data, plus unlimited calls and texts to Australian numbers. What makes this interesting is that when the cuts happened last month, Boost said the majority of customers were using under 2GB of data, and hence wouldn’t care about the reduction. The fact it has changed back suggests otherwise.

Boost is also introducing a ‘Bonus Data Sundays’ plan, which gives you extra data which can only be used on Sundays. On the $40 plan, you get 1GB of extra data for use on Sundays only (calculated on Australian east coast time); on the $20 plan, it’s 500MB.

This does mean that for $40, you can potentially get 7GB of data over 30 days, which is one of the cheaper plans out there. However, that is entirely dependent on you taking advantage on the relevant Sundays. We’re not big fans of off-peak ISP deals, and we dislike this for the same reason.

That said, it does make Boost massively better value than Aldi Mobile, the only other major-ish provider utilising Telstra’s 3G network. (Telstra doesn’t resell its 4G service through anyone other than itself.) Aldi Mobile wants to charge you $35 for 2GB of data and limited call value, which is a terrible deal by comparison.

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  • Lycamobile also uses Telstra 3G, as does Telechoice – they are the only other providers I would describe as large.

    Ugly Bill, untimed mobiles and cmobile are tiny players in the market.

  • amaysim offers $44.90 a month 4gb data unlimited using the optus 4g plus network

    im on boost still but i got to be honest amaysim offering 4g alot of people are going to think about jumping on over

  • Angus,
    if you check the date on your own linked story there about Boost reducing its data allowance “last month”, you’ll find that was back in Jan 2014, over a year ago.

    Doesn’t change the fact that the allowance went down, then back up again though.

  • Boost (full NextG) network coverage is significantly better than any of the other Telstra Reseller (Telstra Wholesale) coverage.. in the order of double the landmass!
    As such, Boosts’ $20 plan is now competitive with the Telstra Wholesale provider’s offerings especially if you value data over call inclusions.

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