Boost Mobile Dumps Its Entry Level Plans

Boost Mobile Dumps Its Entry Level Plans

Boost Mobile is dumping its short duration $10 and $20 plans in favour of a longer duration $20 plan with call limitations.

The change is due to kick in from March 31, according to Boost’s site. Out go the current $10 UNLTD (500MB data, unlimited talk and text, 5 days expiry) and $20 UNLTD (1GB of data, unlimited talk and text, 15 days expiry) in favour of what Boost’s calling its $20 ULTRA offer.

Like the previous $20 UNLTD offer, you get 1GB of 3G data on Telstra’s network, but the expiry period doubles to a much more pleasant 30 days. There is a catch, however, as the ULTRA deal kills off unlimited talk provisions, instead giving you 100 minutes of calls to standard national numbers. Texting is still listed as unlimited.

Along with the plan changes, Boost is also dropping its $5, $15 and $25 add-ons in favour of a single 30-day $10 add-on, which gives you credit for additional calls charged at 10c/minute with no flagfall.

Boost has been busy tweaking its plans this year, having already slashed the data provision offered to its $40 ULTD customers back in January. Based on Boost’s website, it appears further changes are afoot at the $40 price tier as well, although we’ll have to wait to see what they are.

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