Boost Mobile Is Slashing Its Download Allowance

Boost Mobile Is Slashing Its Download Allowance

Prepaid mobile plans slashing their data allowances was an unfortunate trend in 2013, and 2014 isn’t looking any better. The latest to join the club is Boost Mobile, which is cutting download allowances on its $40 plan.

Boost announced via its Facebook page that it will be cutting the data allowance on its $40 plan from 3GB to 2GB from 18 February. According to the post, “the majority of customers on this offer use less than 2GB per month and won’t be affected”.

We’ve heard similar lines before. When ALDI Mobile halved its data allowance back in October, it also said most customers wouldn’t be affected.Both ALDI Mobile and Boost use Telstra’s network; Boost’s cut now makes it even less generous with data than ALDI Mobile. (The other big player in Telstra network prepaid, Kogan Mobile, abandoned the market altogether last year after its wholesale provider collapsed.)

If 2GB isn’t enough for you, Boost will be including data in its add-on packs from 18 February. $5 adds 250MB for 5 days, $15 adds 1GB for use within 10 days, and $25 adds 1.5GB for use within 15 days. You can’t have more than $50 worth of add-on packs. (That said, paying $65 for 5GB of data which has to be used in 15 days is lousy value.)

As we’ve noted before, one big advantage of a prepaid plan is that you can switch if the terms change in a way you don’t like. If you’re looking for an alternative, check our recommendations for the best-value prepaid plans on the market.

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  • So, if “the majority of customers … won’t be affected” then why change the plan? BECAUSE it’s yet another lie from a greedy corporate. Like we wouldn’t notice?

  • It’s a frustrating trend. To me, “the majority of customers…use less than xxGB” are just weasel-words because majority of people don’t want to hit their limit. If the majority don’t use it why the need to reduce the quota? I like to have a high quota “just in case” e.g. during temporary ADSL outage.

    (I was with Kogan, now with Aldi.)

  • Only just ported to Boost and had been happy with their service until I received notification of this today. Look like I may have to move again to Amaysim which would surely be the market leader now. Can anyone comment on Amaysims coverage/call quality & Download/Upload speeds in Adelaide please?

  • shocking…

    i’m with a 4 or 5 year old plan with optus still, 59 a month, but 4 gb / month downloads!
    i use it all the time, when im out and about, or because of our very restrictive proxy’s at work (apple doesn’t like the proxy’s at work).
    and optus wonders why i won’t upgrade

  • Isn’t Amayasim the clear leader now – they have a $40 a month plan which includes all calls, SMS’s and has a whopping 4GB of data. They even have a promo this month which halves that to $20 (Jan only)

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