Photo: Claire Lower

Leftover Chicken Wings Are Perfect in Cold Noodle Bowls

About twice a month, my boyfriend and I order far too many chicken wings. (We order so many they bring them to us in a catering container. We also get fries. We will not be shamed.) He and I have slightly different strategies when it comes to dealing with the…

Turn Instant Noodles Into A Delicious Breakfast

Turn Instant Noodles Into A Delicious Breakfast

Travelling can open your eyes to so many things. Just recently, on my way to a sous vide conference, I saw a woman eating a full-blown thing of Cup Noodles at 5:10 in the dang a.m. Obviously, this woman is a hero, and should be revered as such.

These Cold, Spicy Noodles Will Soothe Your Sweaty Soul

Summertime is, to me, synonymous with spicy peanut noodles, which I’ve been making every summer since I was allowed to cook pasta by myself. I love them so much that they almost make suffering through vicious, swampy heat and humidity feel worthwhile. Almost.